Sabbatical Leave Frequently Asked Questions

The following information is in summary form only. Reference should be made to the Sabbatical Leave article in the Faculty Collective Agreement.

A sabbatical is an employer-approved paid leave from teaching and service activities. In addition to scholarly activities the workload of an academic staff member includes service to the academic and broader community. Periodic sabbatical leaves are an opportunity for faculty to pursue research, scholarly activities and other professional projects.

What are the terms of eligibility?
Do other leaves affect sabbatical eligibility?
Does my time at another university count towards eligibility to apply for a sabbatical leave?
Will I get the sabbatical?
What is the rate of pay while on sabbatical?
When is my sabbatical application due?
What is the application process?
Can I be asked to postpone my sabbatical?
When does the sabbatical start?
Can I work elsewhere while on sabbatical?
What if I get sick or injured while on sabbatical leave?
Do I have to submit an annual report while on sabbatical leave?
What is my workload balance during my sabbatical?
Can my workload be different from 90% research and 10% teaching?
What are my responsibilities to my graduate students and/or my active laboratory while on sabbatical?
Can I apply for promotion while on sabbatical leave?
What happens if I leave Ontario during my sabbatical?
Can I request a moving expense reimbursement and/or a research grant while on sabbatical leave?
What are my responsibilities when I return from sabbatical leave?