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New Letters of Understanding, UWOFA relief fund

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Collective Agreements

Get the facts from the source. View both faculty and LA agreements

Meet UWOFA's Equity Champions

UWOFA’s Equity Committee has developed a series of profiles highlighting the perspectives and contributions related to equity among UWOFA members. They are also designed to help facilitate conversations about the ‘everyday’ nature of equity, and inequity, among our members. The profiles will be featured in Faculty Times and on this website.

Click here to read the profiles.

Call for nominations - Allan Heinicke Memorial Service Award

All members and former members of UWOFA (including full- and part-time faculty, librarians and archivists) are eligible to receive this award. Nominations can be made by any Member of UWOFA.

UWOFA Membership Meeting to be held November 24

UWOFA will hold a membership meeting on Tuesday, November 24 from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.

November advocacy update

Advocacy updates and reminders from UWOFA

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The University of Western Ontario Faculty Association (UWOFA) is a union representing about 1,500 faculty members and 50 librarians and archivists at the University of Western Ontario in London.

UWOFA negotiates collective agreements, advises members on employment matters, handles workplace disputes and grievances, and advances the professional interests of faculty members, academic librarians and archivists.

In the broader community, UWOFA representatives meet with provincial and federal politicians to ensure members' voices are heard and reflected in education and labour policy decisions. As well, UWOFA strives to engage members and citizens through awareness campaigns regarding post-secondary education during general membership meetings, community events, contact with journalists, and town hall discussions.