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Collective Agreements

For faculty, librarians and archivists


For faculty, librarians and archivists

The University of Western Ontario Faculty Association (UWOFA) is a union representing about 1,500 faculty members and 50 librarians and archivists at the University of Western Ontario in London.

UWOFA negotiates collective agreements, advises members on employment matters, handles workplace disputes and grievances, and advances the professional interests of faculty members, academic librarians and archivists.

In the broader community, UWOFA representatives meet with provincial and federal politicians to ensure members' voices are heard and reflected in education and labour policy decisions. As well, UWOFA strives to engage members and citizens through awareness campaigns regarding post-secondary education during general membership meetings, community events, contact with journalists, and town hall discussions.


Board Member Spotlight: Amanda Grzyb

Amanda Grzyb is an associate professor of Information and Media Studies and she has been a proud and active UWOFA member since she was hired full time in 2006. She has served on the UWOFA Board of Directors for multiple terms, represents UWOFA as a Canadian Association of University Teachers Trust Fund trustee, and spent years on the UWOFA Communications Committee. Her previous experience as a limited-duties instructor in Arts & Humanities and FIMS from 2002-2006 inspires her to advocate for job security and fair pay for her sessional colleagues.

Dr. Grzyb holds a Ph.D. in English from Duke University, and her research focuses on the comparative study of genocide and state violence (the Holocaust, Rwanda, Sudan, El Salvador), social movements, media and the public interest, and American literature. She is currently the principle investigator on an interdisciplinary, collaborative, SSHRC-funded research project, "Surviving Memory in Postwar El Salvador," which focuses on the experiences of former Salvadoran refugees and massacre survivors, repatriating archival materials and photographs from the civil war era, and supporting the community design of the Sumpul River Massacre Memorial in Las Aradas, Chalatenango. She is the recipient of multiple teaching awards and was appointed FIMS Faculty Scholar for 2018-2020.

Employer not responding to streamlined bargaining proposal - Vol. 5, No. 2

Due to potential upcoming provincial legislation regarding public sector wage restrictions, your negotiating team is attempting to meet with the employer to propose a streamlined offer designed to reach a fair compensation deal for librarians and archivists by the end of May. Unfortunately at this time the employer has not committed to meet with us to reach a timely settlement.

Involvement with Academics Without Borders a natural fit for UWOFA

Mindful that UWOFA members care deeply about quality education, UWOFA considers a partnership with Academics Without Borders a natural fit. Earlier this year, the UWOFA Board of Directors unanimously approved partnering with Western’s Academics Without Borders committee to raise awareness about future opportunities to volunteer with the organization. The initiative provides funded opportunities for faculty members (particularly those on sabbatical leave or recently retired), staff, and administrators to volunteer at universities in low resourced areas of the global south in teaching, curriculum development, and program development.

Message to members about public sector labour relations and compensation

On May 3, 2019 the Treasury Board Secretariat and the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities held a consultation meeting with post-secondary employee groups to discuss how to "manage Ontario public sector compensation growth in a way that results in wage settlements that are modest, reasonable and sustainable". Unfortunately, this 'consultation exercise' turned out to be a mere formality as the government prepares to introduce legislated changes to bargaining. We have since learned, as has been reported in some media outlets, that the government is considering wage control measures.

Contract faculty members win teaching awards

Nine Western contract faculty members recently won teaching awards at the university. The majority of the 2019 award winners for excellence in teaching are contract academic staff, showing a deep commitment to engaging and innovative teaching techniques among our contract faculty colleagues.