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The University of Western Ontario Faculty Association (UWOFA) is a union representing about 1,500 faculty members and 50 librarians and archivists at the University of Western Ontario in London.

UWOFA negotiates collective agreements, advises members on employment matters, handles workplace disputes and grievances, and advances the professional interests of faculty members, academic librarians and archivists.

In the broader community, UWOFA representatives meet with provincial and federal politicians to ensure members' voices are heard and reflected in education and labour policy decisions. As well, UWOFA strives to engage members and citizens through awareness campaigns regarding post-secondary education during general membership meetings, community events, contact with journalists, and town hall discussions.


UWOFA requests a 'No-Board' Report

UWOFA has asked a provincially appointed conciliator to file a "No-Board" Report with the Ministry of Labour. Conciliator Greg Long received the request October 15 following seventeen days of negotiations since June. The bargaining team requested the report after the employer rejected a number of proposals aimed at providing more job security for contract academic staff and improved compensation for all faculty members.

A "No-Board" request does not mean that negotiations have ended or that they have reached an impasse. Negotiating dates are scheduled for October and the parties are arranging additional dates into November.

Please read the full Bargaining Bulletin here.

OCUFA Report - On October 15, speak out for decent work across Ontario

People across Ontario are planning to show their support for a $15 minimum wage and decent work on October 15. On university and college campuses, all faculty, students, and staff are encouraged to join in. In recent announcements, the Conservative government has indicated its intention to freeze the minimum wage at $14 an hour and consider repealing recent decent work reforms, including paid sick days, fair scheduling measures, and equal pay protections for contract, part-time, and temporary workers.

Conciliation to begin Thursday in faculty contract negotiations - Vol. 7 No. 11

A provincially appointed conciliator, Greg Long, will join your negotiating team and the employer at the bargaining table beginning this Thursday, October 11. Additional conciliation dates have been scheduled for October 12 and 15.

OCUFA Report - Statement on government-mandated free speech policies

Ontario's universities and colleges are vital spaces where a culture of rich academic debate and free expression should be fostered. Core to the mandate of our postsecondary institutions is the advancement of knowledge, and that requires our campuses to be places where all community members have the right to speak their minds and respectfully challenge each other intellectually. Faculty associations, labour unions, and student unions deeply believe in these rights, and will continue our collective work to uphold them.

Standing in the shadows of the academy: Contract faculty at Western

The hidden work of contract faculty at Western