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Collective Agreements

For faculty, librarians and archivists


For faculty, librarians and archivists

The University of Western Ontario Faculty Association (UWOFA) is a union representing about 1,500 faculty members and 50 librarians and archivists at the University of Western Ontario in London.

UWOFA negotiates collective agreements, advises members on employment matters, handles workplace disputes and grievances, and advances the professional interests of faculty members, academic librarians and archivists.

In the broader community, UWOFA representatives meet with provincial and federal politicians to ensure members' voices are heard and reflected in education and labour policy decisions. As well, UWOFA strives to engage members and citizens through awareness campaigns regarding post-secondary education during general membership meetings, community events, contact with journalists, and town hall discussions.


Annual Meeting of Members

UWOFA's annual meeting of members will be held on Monday, March 25, 2019 from 12 pm - 2 pm in Talbot College, Room 204.

At the annual meeting, the members review and approve the financial statements for the previous fiscal year and nominate members for positions on the Board of Directors for the coming academic year. There is also an opportunity to ask questions about reports from UWOFA committees and representatives.

At the meeting, CAUT Service Awards will be presented to Alison Hearn, Kristin Hoffmann, James Compton and John Costella for their continued service to UWOFA. Lunch will be provided.

The agenda is available here.

President's Column: We're stronger together

It was a most satisfying example of shared resolve on Nov. 9 when I wrote to you at 2:02 AM saying, “I am very pleased to announce that a tentative faculty collective agreement has been reached with the university administration”. We were two hours into a legal strike position. The negotiating team had met with the administration on 25 separate occasions before that agreement was signed.

Reflecting on the nature of academic librarian and archivist work

As Western’s 43 librarians and archivists prepare for collective bargaining in the spring, it’s an ideal time to reflect on the nature and importance of librarian and archivist labour in our academic environment.

Librarians an archivists go to the bargaining table

With the Collective Agreement expiring on June 30, 2019, members of the librarians and archivists (LA) bargaining unit and the UWOFA Board have already been hard at work. The negotiating team and the Collective Bargaining Committee (CBC) were formed over the summer and have been meeting monthly since September.

Western Libraries Re-Organization

Planning this re-organization took several years, but we have not yet heard how the new structure will be evaluated. In the meantime, UWOFA continues to listen to the concerns of members in Western Libraries and work hard to protect our interests, and my colleagues and I continue to fulfil our duties while monitoring our ever-expanding workload.