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COVID-19 Update

Information for Members

Negotiations with the Employer & General Updates

Since the beginning of the pandemic in spring 2020, UWOFA has been negotiating with the Employer fair working conditions for Members. Listed below are updates as they arise.

Return to campus FAQ: January 2022

Answers to common questions from Members concerning the return to in-person teaching on January 31.

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Navigating the new roadmap for additional compensation during coronavirus pandemic

After seven months of negotiations, UWOFA and the employer have agreed to a new process to address additional teaching workloads experienced by the majority of UWOFA members. The employer recognizes that preparation for courses has been affected by the pandemic and may have involved additional duties and responsibilities. As a remedy, the employer has agreed to provide additional compensation under certain circumstances.

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UWOFA and the employer sign Letter of Understanding on Student Questionnaires on Courses and Teaching

UWOFA and the employer have negotiated a new Letter of Understanding (LOU) regarding the administration and use of Student Questionnaires on Courses and Teaching (SQCT) in the upcoming academic year.

The LOU, which modifies the Faculty Collective Agreement, gives UWOFA faculty members the choice to include data from SQCTs for evaluation processes.

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UWOFA and employer reach agreement on two Letters of Understanding

Following four months of negotiations with the employer to address the added burdens placed on Members’ working conditions and professional lives during the COVID -19 pandemic, UWOFA can announce that the following Letters of Understanding (LOU) to modify the Faculty Collective Agreement have been signed off.

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