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2022 Faculty Bargaining

Bargaining Bulletins

Below are Bulletins from the past round of faculty negotiations and current.

We can now report that the Faculty collective agreement 2022-26 is fully ratified.

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SUBJECT: Support for conciliation

July 21st, 2022

Dear Provost Strzelczyk and President Shepard,

I write to you in support of the University of Western Ontario Faculty Association (UWOFA), as their representatives continue to negotiate for a new faculty Collective Agreement.

Unfortunately, there have been only two formal bargaining sessions so far, and while I appreciate the constructive dialogue that has been taking place at the table, I am concerned about the potential consequences of this slow progress.

As a member of the Western University community, I hope that your administration will work collaboratively with the UWOFA negotiating team, and the Ministry of Labour appointed conciliator, to achieve a fair and equitable agreement without further delay.

When bargaining sessions resume in August, I call on Western to step up its efforts, in order to minimize any potential disruption to the campus community, and the university’s core mission of teaching and learning.


UWOFA is looking for members to be featured in short videos highlighting faculty concerns as we head into collective bargaining. Ideally these concerns will be framed to make connections with current bargaining goals.

Each video will be a maximum of 60 seconds and will be posted to our Instagram account (@uwofaco) and then shared on our FB, Twitter, and YT accounts, and our website.

We would like to hear from members from across a range of faculties and departments, both part-time and full-time.

If a member would like to participate, but prefer not to appear on video, we can take a photo instead and post it with a caption.

Please contact UWOFA Communications Officer, Maram Hijazi, to arrange a time to have your video or photo taken.

If you want to get involved in building support for our UWOFA bargaining goals, please contact our Mobilization Chair, David Heap.

Bargaining Timeline