With the help of UWOFA, Olga Kharytonava travels to Angola to document and save indigenous language

August 1, 2019

Languages play a crucial role in our daily life, not only as a means of communication but as a repository for our identity, culture, history, and traditions, and yet languages around the world continue to disappear at an astonishing rate. This year UWOFA’s Contract Faculty Research and Professional Development Fund awarded funds to Olga Kharytonava to continue her work with the Kimbundu Research Project (kimbundu.ca) in Angola.

Bargaining Bulletin: UWOFA Board of Directors Unanimously Approves Conciliation and Strike Vote for Librarians and Archivists, Vol. 5, No. 7

August 1, 2019

On the recommendation of your Librarians and Archivists’ negotiation team, the Board of Directors of UWOFA has unanimously approved a formal application for conciliation with the Ministry of Labour.

Practice Safe Research

Cindy Cossar-Jones, Professional Officer

August 1, 2019

There may be a time in your career when you are asked to prove that your research is actually your work. Including, the Promotion & Tenure (P&T) Committee that is adjudicating your tenure application may want to know what percentage of an article you contributed or how much work your work study student contributed.

UWOFA-LA collective bargaining Update. Vol. 5, No. 6

July 22, 2019

On July 31, your negotiating team will ask the UWOFA Board of Directors to request the appointment of a conciliation officer from the Ontario Ministry of Labour. If appointed, the conciliation officer will join both sides at the bargaining table to help them reach an equitable agreement.

UWOFA-LA collective bargaining Update. Vol. 5, No. 5

July 8, 2019

In May of this year, your negotiating team attempted to reach a quick settlement with the employer in advance of the province’s wage cap legislation. Unfortunately, the employer scuttled this proposal, and traditional negotiations began on June 11.  The two sides have met 5 times so far with 5 more meetings on the schedule before talks pause for the summer. The current four-year contract expired on June 30, 2019.