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Tentative agreement on post-Bill 124 pay increases and ratification vote

June 26th, 2023


After several months of negotiating efforts, UWOFA has succeeded in reaching a tentative agreement with the administration on a deal that reopens the pay increase components of the collective agreement that the membership ratified in late November of 2022, just before a court ruling declared Bill 124 (the provincial legislation that capped public sector pay increases at 1%) to be unconstitutional.

This tentative agreement, in addition to offering greater percentage wage increases than those negotiated under the restrictions of Bill 124, moves some of the increases from the fourth year to the second year, thus allowing for more compounding. The overall increase over the 2022-26 period is comparable to the 2018-22 agreement. 

While members may well ask whether the pay increases in this renegotiated post-Bill 124 agreement are sufficient in the current inflationary context, the UWOFA leadership considers this to be the best deal the Association is able to get under the circumstances and recommends it to members of the Bargaining Unit for ratification. 

An online ratification vote will be held from Tuesday June 27 to Thursday June 29. The timeline is unusually short to meet the deadline for July payroll. Information on how to cast your ballot will be emailed to you tomorrow.