Faculty Association Scholarship

UWOFA is proud to celebrate students' academic accomplishments each year at the Faculty Association Scholarship reception held in December.

Awarded annually since 1971, the Faculty Association scholarships are given to students across all faculties at Western, and recognize academic accomplishments in the previous year. The scholarships are supported through UWOFA members' union dues and total $36,000 per year.

Without a doubt one of the most enjoyable aspects of UWOFA's work, students and their families attend a reception with UWOFA past presidents, Board of Directors members, and UWO administrators.

"Members of UWOFA consider high quality education and research the core mission of the university. The UWOFA scholarships recognize our exceptional students and their pursuit of academic excellence," said UWOFA president Dan Belliveau. "We are proud to be able to contribute to supporting students as they strive to fulfill their goal of higher education; scholarships play an important role in making university more accessible and affordable."

"It means a lot to me to achieve this award with the support of my friends, family, and the faculty." - Si-Cheng Dai, 2018 scholarship recipient


"I'm surprised and honoured, which is motivating. The Greek word for leisure is schola, which is where school comes from. So, for me, this is leisure - stimulation, a challenge, new ideas. I really like to have new ideas to bounce around." - Helen Wilson, 2014 scholarship recipient

"This is the biggest recognition I've received in the four years I've been here. It was quite an honour to win it." - Brandon Mendonca, 2013 scholarship recipient