Students' academic achievements celebrated at UWOFA scholarship reception

Vanessa Brown

Members of the University of Western Ontario Faculty Association (UWOFA) gathered Wednesday to celebrate undergraduate students’ academic accomplishments.

Thirty-seven students received a Faculty Association Scholarship, which has been awarded annually since 1971. Totalling $36,000, the scholarships are supported through UWOFA members’ dues and recognize students’ academic achievements from the previous year.

“Members of UWOFA consider high-quality education and research to be the core mission of the university,” said UWOFA president Dan Belliveau. “The UWOFA scholarships recognize our exceptional students and their pursuit of academic excellence.”

For Si-Cheng Dai, a medical sciences student, the award supports his passion to learn all about the workings of the human body and his desire to help those who are ill.

“It means a lot to me to achieve this award with the support of my friends, family, and the faculty,” Dai said.

Students and their families attended a reception in the Great Hall on December 5 with UWOFA past presidents, members of the Board of Directors, vice-provost John Doerksen, deans and associate deans.

Faculty Association Scholarship Recipients

Faculty of Arts and Humanities
QingXiao Cui
Margaret Graham
Julia Sebastien

Faculty of Education
David Bossman
Katherine Fox

Faculty of Engineering
Matthew Bertuzzi
Julia Terek
Kenneth Tyndall

Faculty of Health Sciences
Sarah Abdel Gabar
Sebastian Deagle-Richardson-Mitro
Colin Kruse
Claire Tack

Faculty of Information and Media Studies
Sawyer Neame

Faculty of Law
Jordan Chu

Faculty of Music
Kaitlyn Kasha

Faculty of Science
Julia Cantelon
Akhil Chawla
Si-Cheng Dai
Humza Naeem**
Wancheng Niu
Michael Sutton*
Jiayi Wang

Faculty of Social Science
Finley Adams
Sophie Bender***
Julia Buchler*
Marshall Cosens****
Aaron Leonard
Abigail Litchfield
Gillian Shoychet
Adrianna Wiley
Marwan Yousif

Ivey Business School (shared scholarship)
Katie (Fangfei) Chen
Katherine Tang

Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
Christina Sperou (Dentistry)
Emily Dzongowski (J.A.F. Stevenson Memorial Scholarship - Medicine)

Past President's Award - Stephen Pitel (Faculty of Law)
Michelle Retief

Sarah J. Shorten Scholarship (Philosophy)
Junxi Zhou

*Part-time student scholarship
**The Allan Heinicke Memorial Scholarship
***The G. Edward Ebanks Scholarship for Sociology
****The W. Balderston Memorial Scholarship for History