Message to members about Western's retirement incentive program

On Tuesday a number of UWOFA members received an invitation from Western to participate in a one-time Voluntary Retirement Incentive Window. For those who have received the invitation, UWOFA advises you to consider the offer carefully and assures you that we will make every effort to support members as they consider their offer. In addition to the resources identified by Western in the materials you have received, please feel free to consult Lina Rodriguez, UWOFA's Member Services Officer, at uwofamso [at] uwo [dot] ca or Cindy Cossar-Jones, UWOFA Professional Officer, at uwofapro [at] uwo [dot] ca with any questions you may have.

The Voluntary Retirement Incentive Window is also being offered to some members on a Limited-Term Appointment without a specified end date.

UWOFA also wishes to remind facuty members that the Faculty Collective Agreement provides for retirement options and incentives including phased retirement. These are available for the duration of the Agreement and extend beyond the stipulated deadline date of August 15, 2019 to consider the current Voluntary Retirement Incentive.


Dan Belliveau, UWOFA President