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Librarians & Archivists: Bargaining Bulletin Vol. 6, No. 2

April 28th, 2023


UWOFA and the Employer have now held five housekeeping meetings. One more is scheduled for Friday, May 5 to complete a few remaining items. We will provide the list of all items settled in housekeeping in the next update.

The parties will begin bargaining on May 15 and have meetings scheduled as follows:

  • May 15: 2-4
  • May 16: 1-4
  • May 19: 9-12
  • June 6: 9-12
  • June 12: 9-4
  • June 20: 9-4
  • June 21: 9-12
  • June 22: 10-4
  • June 23: 9-4
  • June 26: 9-4
  • June 27: 11-4
  • June 28: 9-4
  • July 5: 9-4
  • July 6: 10-4
  • July 7: 9-4

You can expect brief updates after each bargaining session once these meetings have begun. More detailed information about proposals will be made available for L&A members who should keep an eye out for messages from members of the Collective Bargaining Committee about how to access these documents. 

Recently UWOFA held the Fund the Front Line campaign launch, attended by a great mix of members from across campus as well as allies from OCUFA and PSAC with remarks sent by CAUT. The show of support for the launch is a crucial reminder of the power we have when we stand together to demand a better budget to support the university’s core mission of teaching, learning, and research. UWOFA members are the university; we are the core mission; we demand better.