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Faculty, Librarian and Archivist Dependents’ Tuition Scholarship Plan FAQ

What is the Faculty, Librarian and Archivist Dependents’ Tuition Scholarship Plan (DTSP)?

The DTSP is a scholarship plan available to spouses and dependent children of faculty holding a regular full-time continuing appointment, and librarians and archivists holding a probationary or continuing appointment at Western University.

What are the terms of eligibility for the plan?

The criteria for eligibility (and continuing eligibility) are:

1) dependent or spouse of an eligible faculty, librarian or archivist member,
2) enrolled at a Canadian or international university or community college,
3) full-time or part-time student status,
4) maintain a grade average of 68%,
5) supply all required documentation with the application,
6) apply before the plan deadline, and
7) satisfy other requirements as detailed on the DTSP application form.

Are community colleges covered under the DTSP?

Yes. Please see the application form for regulations related to community colleges.

Are students attending universities other than Western covered under the DTSP?

Yes. Students attending other Canadian and international universities are eligible to receive the DTSP at the same rate paid to students attending Western University.

How does the application process work? What is the deadline?

Eligible dependents may apply at the start of an academic year. They should provide official transcripts to verify grade data from the previous academic year. If the applicant is seeking the scholarship for Fall-Winter 2021-2022, the application – with all supporting documentation – would be due on or before June 30, 2022. However, applying early (in fall 2021, for example) is encouraged since this reduces the risk of missing the deadline.

My spouse and I are both members of UWOFA, and our dependent child attends university. Is our child eligible to receive two scholarships?

No. If two faculty, librarians, or archivists are related to a dependent child, the dependent will be eligible for only one scholarship.

Are part-time students eligible?


Are graduate students eligible?


Is there an age limit for dependent children?

Yes. Dependent children must be under 25 years old to receive the scholarship, except for students with a disability (please see the application form for more information).

How long can dependents receive the scholarship?

DTSP can be claimed for a maximum of four years, assuming all eligibility criteria are met.

Does the plan make provisions for students with disabilities?

Yes. A student with a disability is eligible for a full-time scholarship if the student has a 40% or greater course load for both terms.

What is the value of the scholarship?

  • Full-time university or college student: $5,100 per year
  • Part-time undergraduate or professional program student: $1,020 per full course to a maximum of $5,100 per year ($510 per half course)
  • Part-time graduate student: $1,275 per term to a maximum of $2,550 per year

* Note: value subject to change from year to year.

How is the DTSP funded?

The scholarships are funded by foregone salary from faculty, librarians and archivists.

What is the tax treatment of the scholarship?

A T4A will be issued to the student receiving the scholarship.

What are common reasons for not receiving a scholarship?

Common reasons for not receiving a scholarship are:

1) failing to maintain the required grade average,
2) missing the June 30 application deadline, and
3) failing to provide with the application all documentation required to demonstrate scholarship eligibility.

Is there an appeal process?

Yes. Members can provide a detailed explanation about their reason for the appeal via email to Swapna Syamaladevi in the Office of the Registrar ( Note: the eligibility criteria listed on the application form are followed scrupulously when considering an appeal.

For further questions, please contact Vaughan Radcliffe, chair of UWOFA’s Dependents’ Tuition Scholarship Plan Committee, at