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UWOFA and the employer sign Letter of Understanding on Student Questionnaires on Courses and Teaching

UWOFA and the employer have negotiated a new Letter of Understanding (LOU) regarding the administration and use of Student Questionnaires on Courses and Teaching (SQCT) in the upcoming academic year.

The LOU, which modifies the Faculty Collective Agreement, gives UWOFA faculty members the choice to include data from SQCTs for evaluation processes.

Specifically, for courses taught in the winter term of 2019-20 and the 2020-21 academic year during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic, UWOFA faculty members will not be required to include the results of SQCTs in their submissions regarding the following processes:

  • Applications for Limited Duties Appointments
  • Teaching Dossiers for Standing Appointment consideration
  • Annual Reports for Annual Performance Evaluation
  • Promotion, Tenure and Continuing Status files

If a member elects not to include student questionnaire results for a course or courses taught during the timeframe previously mentioned, those questionnaire results may not be added to the submission by the faculty member’s unit.

This latest agreement marks the third LOU negotiated between UWOFA and the employer in an effort to address the added burdens placed on members’ working conditions and professional lives during the coronavirus pandemic.