Professional Expense Reimbursement for Part Time Faculty

Each Member holding a Part-Time assignment may claim Professional Expense Reimbursement, based on the total number of courses for which the Member has primary teaching responsibility, up to a value of $250 for the first degree credit full course and $75 for each additional half course to a maximum of $700 per calendar.

The professional expense reimbursement is a benefit available for reimbursement of work expenses including, but not limited to:

  • Books, journal subscriptions
  • Membership fees, scholarly association dues
  • Conference registration and associated travel expenses
  • Technology expenses for scholarly work. This includes home internet charges, for example
  • Supplies and related expenses for scholarly work

Professional Expense Reimbursement Lookup

Western's Financial Services has developed a quick lookup so members can look up the unspent balance on their PER. Members will be taken to Western's Financial Services page where they will need to log in using their Western user ID and password. Once logged in, choose "Employee Self Service", then "Professional Expense". All entitlements and claims since 2006 are displayed.