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Librarians & Archivists: Bargaining Bulletin Vol. 6, No. 13

June 27th, 2023


Today (June 27th) the parties met briefly in the morning and worked in caucus in the afternoon. Our team is awaiting the Employer’s monetary proposals which they said would be available this week.

This morning the parties signed off on LOU – Annual Planning Processes and LOU – Transition Provisions for Biennial Report and Review and reached agreement on Biennial Report and Review.

The parties continued to move toward agreement on Promotion and Continuing Appointment with the Employer’s acceptance of UWOFA’s proposal for the Chief Librarian or Dean to identify and invite Members eligible for Promotion.

Last week, your colleagues on the negotiating team presented compelling cases of deprofessionalization and the erosion of professional autonomy and control in librarian and archivist work. We were disappointed today when the Employer replied with a speech about what they perceive librarians and archivists already have to ‘safeguard professional status’ and an offer to discuss deprofessionalization in the Librarian and Archivist Forum. 

Bargaining Proposals in Members-Only Space

If you haven’t yet accessed the proposals from the Members only Sync folder, please contact a member of the Collective Bargaining Committee (CBC – see below) who can facilitate your access to this folder:

  • Samuel Cassady
  • Kristin Hoffmann
  • Denise Horoky
  • Erin Johnson
  • Liz Mantz
  • Brian McMillan
  • Katya Pereyaslavska
  • Stephen Spong
  • Leslie Thomas
  • Courtney Waugh
  • Johanna Weststar

We hope to be at the table tomorrow, but if the Employer is not prepared to present their monetary proposals, we will reconvene next week. We have three days of bargaining scheduled for next week before the summer break.