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Librarians & Archivists: Bargaining Bulletin Vol. 6, No. 12

June 26th, 2023


This will be another busy week of bargaining as we have just finished the first of 3 full consecutive days. We anticipate that the Employer will present their monetary proposals this week, but we did not receive them today.

In the morning, the Employer returned Biennial Report and Review, LOU – Transition Provisions for Biennial Report and Review, Workload, Professional Leave and LOU – Members with Disabilities Joint Working Group. 

In the afternoon, UWOFA replied on all of these except for Workload. We also presented a revised proposal for Promotion and Continuing Appointment. 

The results of these exchanges were:

  • Biennial Report and Review. The parties reached agreement on substantive elements for the transition to a biennial report and review process. The Employer has withdrawn its proposal for peer review. 
  • LOU – Members with Disabilities Joint Working Group. This will add a librarian or archivist to the Joint Working Group, which will now review the work experiences of faculty and librarian and archivist Members with disabilities.
  • LOU – Annual Planning Process. This clarifies how various planning processes in Western Libraries and the Faculty inform development of Members’ planned activities and contributions.
  • Professional Leave. Discussion of our proposal to increase the salary while on Leave to 100% is pending the Employer’s monetary proposal.
  • Workload. The Employer has accepted our proposals to ensure that Workload is consistent with Member’s job descriptions and to clarify processes for significant changes in a Member’s Workload. The Employer continues to reject our assertion that vacancies shall not increase Workloads of remaining Members.
  • Promotion and Continuing Appointment. We had a useful discussion about UWOFA’s proposal for the Chief Librarian or Dean to identify and invite Members eligible for Promotion. UWOFA revised our proposal based on that discussion.