Full-time members

Full-time UWOFA members receive extended benefits coverage through a group plan administered by Manulife Financial. A summary of your benefits is available on Western's Human Resources webpage. Full-time members also contribute to the UWO pension plan and have access to services and programs including, but not limited to, Western's Employee Assistance Program, Rehabilitation Services, and the Dependents' Tuition Scholarship Plan.

UWOFA is available to help members resolve benefit entitlement concerns. Members are also encouraged to review the Compensation and Benefits article in their Collective Agreement and the UWO benefits literature on its Human Resources website.


Benefit Plan Booklet - Faculty
Benefit Plan Booklet - Librarians and Archivists
Benefit Claim Forms 
Manulife Login for Western plan members to log in and gain authorized access to their detailed benefits information and data.

Part-time members

Part-time members of UWOFA receive pay in lieu of benefits at the rate of four per cent per course. Part-time members contribute to the UWO pension plan. Part-time members can also access Western's Rehabilitation Services and the Employee Assistance Program for support they may need.