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Determining if you are a UWOFA member

Part-time Faculty Members

According to the Collective Agreement (Appointments, clause 1.4.2), if you are a part-time faculty member who has taught at least a half university course in two of the last three fiscal years (May 1 – April 30) you are a Member of UWOFA. However, there is one exception. Graduate students who are assigned courses without open competition are not Members solely due to those courses (Appointments, clause 3d).

Courses taught at affiliated Colleges do not count towards membership in UWOFA.

Below is an example that illustrates how a part-time faculty member becomes a Member:

Table layout showing the Fiscal Years May 2019 - April 2023.

Individuals with Preferred Status are described in the Collective Agreement (Appointments, clause 1.4.3) as those part-time faculty members who qualify as UWOFA Members (as explained above) but who are not currently teaching. They are still covered by the Appointments and Grievance and Arbitration articles and can continue as non-contributing members of the pension plan for up to 18 months.

Full-time Faculty Members

According to the Collective Agreement (Recognition, clause 2), if you have a full-time academic appointment, you are a Member of UWOFA. However, there are some exceptions (Recognition, clause 3). For example, voting members of Western’s Board of Governors and individuals who hold any position in the university at the rank of Associate Dean or higher are not UWOFA Members.

In addition, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry clinical faculty members with clinical academic appointments are not, solely due to those appointments, UWOFA Members.

Chairs, Directors and Assistant Deans are UWOFA Members.

Librarians and Archivists

Western’s Librarians and Archivists are also Members of UWOFA, but they are in a separate Bargaining Unit from Faculty Members. They have a separate Collective Agreement. There are some limited circumstances in which Librarians and Archivists are not UWOFA Members, such as individuals above the rank of Assistant University Librarian and voting Members of Western’s Board of Governors.

Still not sure if you are a Member?

Looking at your paystub will give you an indication of your membership status. If you are a Member, your paystub will show a before tax union dues deduction.


For any questions please contact Lina Rodriguez, UWOFA’s Member Services Officer at or extension 86218.