UWOFA's governance structure is described in detail in our Constitution and By-Laws. Members of the Association elect a Board of Directors, which consists of the officers of the Association (President, Vice-President, and Past President, Secretary and Treasurer) as well as representatives from various constituencies, and it is the Board that is charged with administering the affairs of the Association.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible to the Board of Directors and is in charge of implementing the policies of the Board of Directors.

The Executive Committee consists of the President (Chair); the Vice-President; the immediate Past President; the Treasurer; the Secretary; the Part-Time member representing the Part-Time Membership; and three additional Members of the Board of Directors, elected by the Board of Directors. Where possible, the Executive Committee shall include at least one member from the Librarians & Archivists bargaining unit.

  • President: spitel [at] uwo [dot] ca (Stephen Pitel) (Chair)
  • Vice-President: dbellive [at] uwo [dot] ca (Dan Belliveau)
  • Past President: abigelow [at] uwo [dot] ca (Ann Bigelow)
  • Secretary: hperinpa [at] uwo [dot] ca (Hiran Perinpanayagam)
  • Treasurer: mlovelan [at] uwo [dot] ca (Michelle Loveland)
  • Part-Time Membership Representative: kate [dot] helsen [at] uwo [dot] ca (Kate Helsen)
  • Librarians & Archivists Bargaining Unit: shendri4 [at] uwo [dot] ca (Shawn Hendrikx)
  • john [dot] ciriello [at] schulich [dot] uwo [dot] ca (John Ciriello)
  • emacdoug [at] uwo [dot] ca (Beth MacDougall-Shackleton)


Each of UWOFA's two Bargaining Units also has an elected Speaker who presides over General Meetings.

  • UWOFA General Meetings: akc [at] uwo [dot] ca (Kim Clark)
  • UWOFA-LA General Meetings: pellis3 [at] uwo [dot] ca (Peggy Ellis)