Scholars at Risk

In 2016, UWOFA members approved a $30,000 donation over three years to the Scholars at Risk network program at the University of Western Ontario. Members recently voted in favour of a motion to donate another $30,000 over the next three years. UWOFA's financial contribution is a demonstration of our members' support for academic colleagues in need of assistance due to perilous circumstances. UWOFA's contribution goes directly to funding the salaries of scholars hosted by Western.

Established in 2000, Scholars at Risk (SAR) is an international network of post-secondary institutions whose mission is to protect scholars under threat due to the nature of their research and ideas. The majority of scholars chosen for the program come from politically unstable parts of the world where freedom of speech is regularly limited or suppressed. The network promotes academic freedom by arranging academic positions in a safe location at higher education institutions within the SAR network. Positions often take the form of a visiting professor for a period of one year, and include teaching, research, and service responsibilities.

The University of Western Ontario is a member of the Canadian section of Scholars at Risk and has hosted four scholars thus far through the SAR network - Anna Dolidze (Faculties of Law and Social Science), Hanadi Ibrahim (Chemistry), Nael Yasri (Engineering) and Shuchi Karim (Women's Studies and Feminist Research). A Western SAR committee has been established, of which UWOFA is a part.


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