Collective Bargaining Committee for Librarians & Archivists

The CBC, which includes all members of the Negotiating Committee plus five additional members, is responsible for developing bargaining goals in consultation with the membership, drafting proposed contract language, supporting the Negotiating Committee during bargaining (with research, for example) and, after an agreement is reached, final drafting and checking of contract language.

Committee Members of both the 2019 Negotiating Committee and the CBC:

  • Johanna Weststar – Chief Negotiator ( DAN Management & Organizational Studies )
  • Kristin Hoffmann – Deputy Chief Negotiator (Western Libraries)
  • Sam Cassady - (Western Libraries)
  • Cindy Cossar-Jones (UWOFA Professional Officer)
  • Marni Harrington - (Faculty of Information & Media Studies)
  • Brian McMillan - (Music Library)

Additional committee members of the CBC:

  • John Costella - (Western Libraries)
  • Denise Horoky - (Western Libraries)
  • Elizabeth Mantz - (Weldon Libraries)
  • Courtney Waugh - (Western Libraries)
  • Cheryl Woods - (Western Libraries - Archives)