Appointees to UWO Committees

In addition to internal committees, UWOFA also appoints representatives to a variety of other committees on which the employer and/or other groups on campus are represented.

Employee Assistance Plan Committee

  • David Heap

Employment Equity Committee

  • Deborah Meert-Williston
  • Wendy Pearson

Joint Committee

  • Jeff Tennant (UWOFA chair)
  • Cindy Cossar-Jones
  • John Costella
  • Dan Belliveau
  • Kathleen Fraser
  • Stephen Pitel

Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee

  • John Ciriello
  • Khadry Galil

Parking Appeals and Advisory Committee

  • Nigmendra Narain

President’s Advisory Committee on the Safety of Women on Campus

  • Randi Fisher

Steering Committee of Living Well @ Western

  • Dan Belliveau

Video Monitoring Committee

  • Ben Rubin

Western Award of Excellence – Selection Committee

  • John Ciriello

Western's Scholars at Risk Committee

  • Joanna Quinn
  • Jeff Tennant
  • Stephen Pitel