Grievance Committee

This committee is responsible for upholding the negotiated rights of UWOFA and its members. The committee assists members with workplace issues covered in the Collective Agreements.


  • kfraser [at] uwo [dot] ca (Kathleen Fraser) (chair)
  • Neil Banerjee
  • Cody Barteet
  • Anestis Dounavis
  • Rachel Heydon
  • Neil Klar
  • Beth Lee
  • Hristo Sendov
  • Warren Steele
  • Marisa Tippett


  • Nigmendra Narain (president)
  • Cindy Cossar-Jones (professional officer)
  • Beth MacDougall-Shackleton (past president)
  • Hiran Perinpanayagam (vice-president)
  • Lina Rodriguez (member services officer)