Committee for Contract Faculty

This committee represents the interests of contract faculty at the University of Western Ontario and within the Faculty Association. Contract faculty include full-time members of UWOFA on limited-term contracts, some of whom have permanent status, and part-time members on limited-duties contracts.

The committee works to promote solidarity and understanding among contract faculty and between contract faculty and the larger UWOFA community.

Committee Members

  • brubin2 [at] uwo [dot] ca (Benjamin Rubin) (co-Chair)
  • Luke Arnott
  • Lauren Barr
  • Ann Bigelow
  • Laura Cayen
  • Dee Cunning
  • Yong Gao
  • Corey Issacs
  • Duane Jacques
  • Kanthi Kaluarachchi
  • Peter Krats
  • Ben Marcus
  • Nigmendra Narain
  • Karen Priestman
  • Stephen Pitel
  • Alex Timoshenko