Faculty Times

Unity Group holds event for Fair Employment Week

Vanessa Brown

December 15, 2017

In a show of solidarity, members of UWOFA gathered with other campus unions in October to celebrate Fair Employment Week and push for labour law reform.

UWOFA: to be continued

Stephen G.A. Pitel

December 15, 2017

It might be natural, when in a new environment, to seek out familiar things. As a lawyer, on becoming vice-president of UWOFA in the summer of 2016 one of my first steps was to seek to understand the legal framework within which UWOFA operated. I had no idea that what I thought would be a relatively simple review would turn into a major project.

Family scholarship plan has helped hundreds attend postsecondary education

Paul Benedetti

December 15, 2017

Like many immigrants who came to Canada to forge a new life, my parents were big believers in the power of education.

Mental health services available through Employee Assistance Program

Matt Stahl

December 15, 2017

One of the most useful and practical benefits to which we UWOFA members are entitled is our employer’s provision of individual, couple, and family counseling and mental health benefits.

Faculty collective bargaining preparations underway

Jeff Tennant

December 15, 2017

As many readers are no doubt aware, our Faculty Collective Agreement expires on June 30, 2018, and so we expect to be at the negotiating table in the spring of 2018.

President's Column: the need for consultation

Stephen G.A. Pitel

December 15, 2017

One of the themes I have identified so far during my term as president of UWOFA is a lack of consultation on important issues between various parts of the university and UWOFA.

Developing transparent and useful performance measures

Ann Bigelow

February 3, 2017

Do you use the bathroom scale to check your weight each day? When you go for a walk or a run, do you note the time it takes you to cover your route? If you do, you're using a performance measure to see how you are doing. While these measures can sometimes give us information we'd rather not know (that bathroom scale can't be right), they can also hep us make decisions and learn from our mistakes.

Can the corporate university really embrace aboriginal values?

Edward Comor

February 1, 2017

President Chakma opened November's Senate meeting with an acknowledgement that our campus is situated on the traditional territories of the Anishaabeg, Haudenausaune, Lenaapeewak, and Attawandaron peoples. "Western," the meeting's minutes state, "values the significant historical and contemporary contributions of local and regional First Nations and all of the Original peoples of Turtle Island (also known as North America)." This acknowledgement, I thought, was respectful. But, as the meeting went on, the values it implied quickly dissipated.

UWOFA Bulletin on the appropriate use of student questionnaires

Submitted on behalf of UWOFA's Ad Hoc Working Group on Student Questionnaires

February 1, 2017

UWOFA has several concerns with student questionnaires on courses and teaching. In this brief, we highlight two key areas: response rates for online delivery of questionnaires and appropriate use of student questionnaires on courses and teaching