Faculty Times

Western Libraries Re-Organization

Kristin Hoffmann

March 21, 2019

Planning this re-organization took several years, but we have not yet heard how the new structure will be evaluated. In the meantime, UWOFA continues to listen to the concerns of members in Western Libraries and work hard to protect our interests, and my colleagues and I continue to fulfil our duties while monitoring our ever-expanding workload. 

Interview: Jeff Tennant & Johanna Weststar

Vanessa Brown

March 21, 2019

Jeff Tennant and Johanna Weststar, UWOFA's chief negotiator and deputy chief negotiator during faculty negotiations, reflect on the latest round of contract negotiations.

President's Column: We're stronger together

Dan Belliveau

March 21, 2019

It was a most satisfying example of shared resolve on Nov. 9 when I wrote to you at 2:02 AM saying, “I am very pleased to announce that a tentative faculty collective agreement has been reached with the university administration”. We were two hours into a legal strike position. The negotiating team had met with the administration on 25 separate occasions before that agreement was signed.

Election uncertainty and post-secondary education

James Compton

March 20, 2018

Election time will soon be upon us. The 42nd Ontario general election is scheduled to be held on or before June 7, 2018. For political junkies like me this is a lot of fun. I'm drawn to the uncertainty of it all and the raw politics of competition for popular support. But beyond the spectacle of the political horse race lies the much more sober and serious consideration of public policy.

Protecting our fair dealing rights

Samuel E. Trosow

March 20, 2018

The federal government is currently conducting a five year review of the Copyright Act. While there are several important policies that will be discussed, the most significant for the educational community is fair dealing.

UWOFA celebrates 20 years since certification

Vanessa Brown

March 20, 2018

This spring marks 20 years since UWOFA certified as a union through the Ontario Labour Relations Board. Certification is a significant event for a union; it legally formalizes the collective bargaining relationship between the employer and employees, shifting and democratizing power relations in a workplace.

Faculty bargaining update on goal development

Jeff Tennant & Johanna Weststar

March 19, 2018

The UWOFA Collective Bargaining Committee (CBC) is currently developing the goals that will form the mandate we take to the negotiating table when we begin bargaining this spring to renew our collective agreement which expires on June 30. The bargaining goals that will be presented to members of the faculty bargaining unit for approval in late March are the result of an ongoing conversation that began when the current collective agreement was ratified four years ago.

Advocacy about intellectual property at Western

Stephen G.A. Pitel

March 19, 2018

Since the spring of 2017 Western has been preparing a new policy to govern the ownership, control and commercialization of intellectual property. The current plan is for it to be approved by the Board of Governors in April 2018. To protect the interests of our members, UWOFA has been engaged in an advocacy campaign, seeking several changes to the proposed policy.

Unity Group holds event for Fair Employment Week

Vanessa Brown

December 15, 2017

In a show of solidarity, members of UWOFA gathered with other campus unions in October to celebrate Fair Employment Week and push for labour law reform.