Full-time Faculty Members

According to the Collective Agreement (Recognition, clause 2), if you have a full-time academic appointment, you are a Member of UWOFA. However, there are some exceptions (Recognition, clause 3). For example, voting members of Western's Board of Governors and individuls who hold any position in the university at the rank of Associate Dean or higher are not UWOFA Members.

In addition, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry clinical faculty members with clinical academic appointments are not, solely due to those appointments, UWOFA Members.

Chairs, Directors and Assistant Deans are UWOFA Members.

Librarians and Archivists

Western's Librarians and Archivists are also Members of UWOFA, but they are in a separate Bargaining Unit from Faculty Members. They have a separate Collective Agreement. There are some limited circumstances in which Librarians and Archivists are not UWOFA Members, such as individuals above the rank of Assistant University Librarian and voting Members of Western's Board of Governors.