Dependents' Tuition Scholarship Plan

A message from the UWO Registrar’s Office regarding processing of Dependents' Tuition Scholarship Plan Applications:

We understand that you may not be able to access official documentation from your institution at this time. As such we are accepting alternative documents for Dependent Tuition Scholarship Applications (e.g. unofficial academic reports, tuition fee bills). Please ensure that the documentation you are submitting clearly indicates course load (e.g. part-time or full-time), program and institution of the student. We will be accepting alternative documents only while institutions are closed - if you are able to access official documentation, please do so.

Subject to plan conditions, spouses and dependent children of faculty holding a regular, full-time continuing appointment and librarians and archivists holding probationary or continuing appointments are eligible to receive tuition scholarships for university courses taken for credit towards a degree (undergraduate, professional or graduate) at a recognized university, national or international, for a maximum of four years full-time or equivalent (20 full-time courses). Upgrading courses at the Faculty of Education are not eligible. Tuition scholarships are available for courses in a formal program of study leading to a degree or diploma at a community college that is a member of Colleges and Institutes Canada. Non-Canadian universities must be recognized as having university standing by Western admissions.

  • Value: $5,100 for 2020-2021
  • Application Deadline: June 30, 2021

Faculty, Librarian and Archivist Dependents' Tuition Scholarship Application Form

FAQ - Dependents' Tuition Scholarship Plan

Dependents' Tuition Scholarship Committee