Contract Faculty Research and Professional Development Fund

In 2017 UWOFA established the Contract Faculty Research and Professional Development Fund. The purpose of this funding is to support the participation of UWOFA contract faculty members in professional development activities, academic conferences and research. Although many contract faculty members are active researchers, a large number do not have a research component in their employment contract and require additional financial support.

UWOFA provides $5,000 in funding each year, of which $2,500 is available for limited-term members (which includes Members in a limited-term appointment created under Clause 1.1 of the article Transition Provisions of the 1998-2002 Collective Agreement and Members on a limited-term appointment without a specified end date) and $2,500 is available for part-time Members (those holding a limited-duties appointment or a standing appointment).

A call for applications goes out each spring.

List of funding recipients

Luke Arnott (Information and Media Studies) - 2018
Robert Cockcroft (Physics and Astronomy) - 2018
Jeremy Copeland (Information and Media Studies) - 2018
Isha DeCoito (Education) - 2018
Kane Faucher (Information and Media Studies) - 2018
Peter Krats (History) - 2018
Angela Pollak (Information and Media Studies) - 2018
Geoffrey Stewart (History) - 2018
Richard VandeWetering (Political Science) - 2018
Nina Zitani (Biology) - 2018

Andrea Allen (Women's Studies and Feminist Research) - 2017
Laura Cayen (Women's Studies and Feminist Research) - 2017
Andrew Iarocci (History) - 2017
Lori Kirkpatrick (Education) - 2017
Catherine E. Pratt (Classical Studies) - 2017
Bridget L. Ryan (Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry) - 2017
Jeffery Vacante (History) - 2017