Zoe Sinel

Faculty of Law
zsinel [at] uwo.ca

About Zoe

Zoë Sinel is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Law. She arrived at Western in 2013 after a stint as a Visiting Researcher at Harvard Law School following the completion of her doctoral studies at the University of Toronto. She researches and teaches in private law and legal theory, with a particular focus on civil remedies for private wrongdoing. She has published doctrinal and theoretical work in leading domestic and international law journals, including the University of Toronto Law Journal, the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, and the Restitution Law Review.

Her current research projects include a proposed monograph on private law’s treatment of fear, spite, and grief, as well as a collaborative endeavor with colleagues at Queen’s University and the University of Toronto to design a feminist casebook on the law of torts. She has two children, two dogs, and three turtles. She has no free time, but if she did, she would spend it reading, enjoying craft beers, and playing or watching soccer.