Nina Zitani

nzitani [at]

Dr. Nina Zitani is passionate about teaching evolutionary biology, exploring wild, natural places, and conserving and restoring biodiversity. For over a decade, she organized and led multiple teaching and research expeditions to remote forests of Costa Rica, resulting in the discovery of 15 new insect species and several published papers. Scientists have named 9 new insect species in her honour. Later she co-taught cloud forest ecology for three years, then co-created and implemented a biodiversity field course for six years in the Amazon rain forests of Ecuador, both leading to published research. As an educator for Smithsonian Journeys, USA, she has completed 11 tours to the Peruvian Amazon lowland rain forest and the Galápagos Islands, and, most recently an around-the-world-by-private-jet tour visiting 9 countries (USA, Peru, Rapa Nui, New Zealand, Australia, Cambodia, India, Tanzania and Jordan). Nina taught her first course at Western in 2003. Currently she is a part-time faculty member and curator of Zoological Collections in the Department of Biology. She enjoys her work with UWOFA immensely.