Marianne Larsen

Faculty of Education
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About Marianne

Marianne A. Larsen is an associate professor at Western's Faculty of Education. In the B.Ed. program she has taught courses in Social Foundations, Social Studies Curriculum, and International Education. In the graduate program, she has taught courses such as Education Policy, and Globalization and Education. 

Her research is situated within the field of comparative and international education. She has studied the complex ways that international service learning (ISL) experiences shape university students as global citizens. Out of this research, she produced an edited book (2015), International Service Learning: Engaging Host Communities, which investigates the impact of ISL on global south host communities. Her 2016 book, Internationalization of Higher Education: An Analysis through Spatial, Network and Mobilities Theories brings together her interest in post-foundational theories and global processes of higher education internationalization. 

Dr. Larsen is interested in pushing the boundaries about how we think about the effects of globalizing processes within educational contexts, and challenging taken-for-granted assumptions about how we (should) conduct our research and play out our roles as academics within internationalized and corporatized universities. Outside of academia, she runs the Johansen-Larsen Foundation, which supports educational programs for marginalized children and youth. She also enjoys playing piano and gardening.