John Reed

Faculty of Information & Media Studies
jreed22 [at]

TEACHING: I teach two core courses in the Faculty. MIT 1020 is an introduction to the study of media, information, technology and culture and is the core first-year course in the MIT stream. MIT 2152 'Social Movements and Media' is an introduction to the Media in the Public Interest (MPI) stream. I also teach upper-division courses that explore these themes, such as 'The Politics and Representation of Food', 'Documentary Media and the Production of Truth', 'Media and Environmental Justice,' and a new course in 2019--'Makerspaces and Maker Cultures'--which inaugurates the creation of our new undergraduate makerspace.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: I examine the interaction between communication and culture through: 1) media arts production; 2) cultural, media, and information theory; and 3) techno-cultural studies.

PROJECTS: I am using the applied and theoretical strengths of our faculty to undertake a variety of projects. (1) I'm collecting interviews about the use of online jail 'webcams,' which transmitted images from inside jails and detention centres, and 'went viral' online. (2) I'm working with students to create our new makerspace--a hands-on environment that allows us to critique by creating and collaborating. (3) I am excited to bring the London chapter of Cinema Politica to FIMS beginning in 2019. I'm looking forward to partnering with the campus and London communities to host screenings and discussions around issues relating to community, social justice, and independent arts.