Hiran Perinpanayagam

hperinpa [at] uwo.ca

Hiran is Associate Professor in Dentistry at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, where he teaches endodontics (root canals) to dental students and collaborates on research to publish widely in dentistry. Prior service to the Faculty Association includes Secretary (2015-18), Executive committee (2014-15), Board of Directors (2012-18), and Pensions & Benefits committee (2011-15).

Before joining Western in 2007, Hiran held full-time faculty appointments at the University at Buffalo (2003-06) and the University of Rochester (1998) in New York. He completed a doctorate (PhD) and clinical residency at the University of Iowa (1998-2003), masters (MS) and residency training at the University of Rochester (1991-97), and dental school (DDS) at the University of Otago (1985-89) in New Zealand. On rare occasions when time and other restrictions permit, he escapes way down under to his hometown in Wellington, New Zealand.