Ann Bigelow

Past President
abigelow [at]

About Ann

I am a Limited Term faculty member in the DAN Department of Management and Organizational Studies. I generally teach accounting courses, but try to focus on teaching about the Canadian tax system as that's an accounting topic that really gets me excited. 

My hobbies are pilates, embroidery and learning Danish, among other things. I started to learn Danish because I wanted to know how you pronounced the letters æ and ø, and according to the internet app I'm using, I'm more than 30% fluent! 

I've been involved in UWOFA since I first set foot on campus in 2002. I have been on the Board several times, and on several negotiating teams.  My parents raised me to be socialist by letting me sleep under and on tables at various political meetings, so I've been involved in social movements since birth. One personal goal is to create a London group of Raging Grannies so I can go out and sing protest songs.