Board of Directors

The Board of Directors administers the affairs of the Association and carries out its policies. UWOFA members elect the Board of Directors, which consists of the officers of the Association (President, Vice-President, Past President, Secretary and Treasurer) as well as representatives from various constituencies across campus.

Members of the 2017-2018 UWOFA Board of Directors are:

Stephen Pitel

spitel [at]

Dan Belliveau

dbellive [at]

Ann Bigelow

Past President
abigelow [at]

Michelle Loveland

mlovelan [at]

Samuel Trosow

strosow [at]

Erica Lawson

Arts & Humanities
elawso3 [at]

Marianne Larsen

Faculty of Education
mlarsen [at]

Paul Charpentier

Faculty of Engineering
pcharpen [at]

Amanda Grzyb

Information and Media Studies
agrzyb [at]

Volker Nolte

Faculty of Health Sciences
vnolte [at]

Darren Meister

Ivey Business School
dmeister [at]

Zoe Sinel

Faculty of Law
zsinel [at]

John Ciriello

Medicine & Dentistry
john.ciriello [at]

Jill Ball

Faculty of Music
jball2 [at]

Beth MacDougall-Shackleton

Faculty of Science
emacdoug [at]

Johanna Weststar

Faculty of Social Science
weststar [at]

Shawn Hendridkx

Librarians and Archivists
shendri4 [at]

Nigmendra Narain

Limited-Term Membership
nnarain [at]

Kate Helsen

Part-Time Membership
kate.helsen [at]

John Costella

jccostel [at]

Jim Davies

jdavies [at]

Felix Lee

flee32 [at]

Natalie Pietrzak-Renaud

npietrz [at]

Ben Rubin

brubin2 [at]