UWOFA supports students and affordable education

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UWOFA supports students and affordable education

(London, Ont.)— The University of Western Ontario Faculty Association (UWOFA) stands with students in opposition to the OSAP changes recently announced by the provincial government.

The announcement includes cuts to grants for low-income students, a move that will force those in need to take on more student debt.

“Cutting needs-based grants flies in the face of affordable post-secondary education,” said UWOFA president Dan Belliveau. “The provincial government should make it easier for students to go to university, not harder and more stressful.”

The announcement also includes the ability to opt out of certain student fees for services that the government deems “non-essential”. This will adversely affect many student groups and severely limit the vibrancy and diversity of student life on campus. Without adequate funding, some student associations may not be able to advocate for their constituents effectively, or provide as many student employment opportunities and services such as discounted public transit passes and newspapers. These services help make university attendance more affordable for everyone. The government should not be interfering with services that students democratically voted to support.

UWOFA members attended a recent rally at Western University in opposition of the cuts, and will stand in solidarity with students again at a rally in Victoria Park on Friday, Jan. 25.

Vanessa Brown, Communications Officer
vbrown5 [at] uwo [dot] ca