UWOFA members to receive CAUT Dedicated Service Award

Four members of UWOFA will receive the CAUT Dedicated Service Award this Wednesday, March 21 at the Association's annual meeting of members.

Established by the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT), the Dedicated Service Award honours outstanding service to academic staff associations at the local or provincial level.

This year's recipients from UWOFA are:

Ann Bigelow (DAN Department of Management and Organizational Studies)

Ann Bigelow has served UWOFA for more than a decade. In 2015 she was awarded the Allan Heinicke Memorial Service Award by UWOFA in recognition of her outstanding contributions in financial, technical and policy analysis. She has been instrumental in deconstructing financial information from the university, marshalling evidence in support of salary positions in negotiations, and negotiating collective agreements as a member of the negotiating team. She was the primary author of "Every Budget is a Choice", a very influential advocacy document. Recently she has served as vice-president, president, and now past president of UWOFA. Under her leadership UWOFA has moved forward with the hiring of much-needed additional staff and a complete website redesign.

Kathleen Fraser (Writing Studies)

Kathleen Fraser has provided valuable and important service to UWOFA over many years. She was deservedly the inaugural recipient of the Tom Murphy Memorial Award for Outstanding Service to UWOFA. She has served as chief negotiator and is currently serving as grievance officer, managing a complex caseload of arbitrations, grievances and other ongoing disputes. She has been the co-chair of UWOFA's Committee for Contract Faculty and served on two negotiating teams. On more than one occasion Kathleen has stepped into a role at a time when UWOFA faced a gap in leadership, showing remarkable dedication. Throughout, she has been a champion for the rights of contract faculty members.

Elizabeth Mantz (Western Libraries)

Liz Mantz has served UWOFA in several important ways for more than a decade. She has chaired the Pay Equity Committee, working tirelessly for pay equity for librarians and archivists. She has been a member of two negotiating teams and two contract committees, leading by being thorough and inclusive. She has served as chief steward for the librarians and archivists bargaining unit. She has been a member of the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors and the Equity Committee. Liz has outstanding organizational skills and a rare talent for technical details.


Jeff Tennant (French Studies)

Jeff Tennant has served UWOFA in several critical roles. He was Speaker of UWOFA and then served as vice-president and president. At a time of great need, he took up the challenge of serving as UWOFA's chief negotiator and he remains in that important position today. He has led UWOFA in its negotiations with the employer, both in bargaining and day-to-day in Joint Committee. He is patient, calm, respectful and diligent, all of which make him a very effective negotiator. Jeff also chairs OCUFA's Collective Bargaining Committee.