UWOFA members encouraged to participate in Scholar Strike Canada programming

UWOFA’s Executive Committee endorses the Scholar Strike Canada advocacy event for racial justice this week and strongly encourages UWOFA members to participate in the two-day programming to the extent they are able.

Scholar Strike is a labour action/teach-in/social justice advocacy event to be held on Wednesday, Sept. 9 and Thursday, Sept. 10. While UWOFA members are unable to legally strike during the length of their Collective Agreements, they can engage in the teach-in and on social media. Visit scholarstrikecanada.ca for a full list of programming.

We are witnessing a defining civil rights moment in world history. UWOFA stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and we are committed to ensuring the equitable inclusion of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) individuals and communities.

The knowledge we produce and the positions we hold are a direct result of socioeconomic and racial disparities as well as privilege, and as such they must be used to dismantle the oppressive racial systems of violence and institutional inequalities that pervade the lives of our students, staff, and colleagues. This work demands courage, collaboration, and a commitment to change over the long term.