UWOFA-LA Unit Wins Award

Labour United and United Way Elgin Middlesex celebrated community heroes last night at their annual Labour Appreciation Award Night. A total of 17 winners were selected from an outstanding pool of Campaign Champions, community mobilizers and stand-up citizens who inspired their colleagues and communities to take action and improve our community.

UWOFA’s Librarians and Archivists Bargaining Unit was nominated by Ari Vangeest, the Local President of PSAC610 and was honoured to receive the ChangeMaker Award.

Dani Bartlett, Labour Programs & Services Coordinator for United Way Elgin Middlesex presented the award in front of a gathering of supporters and dignitaries. “I was so honoured to present the award to the Librarians & Archivists because they exemplify a group that has worked to make a change in our community, the fight they took on was more than a fight for just their members, it was a fight to challenge policy and ensure workers are fairly compensated and valued in their workplace.  As I watched this bargaining unfold one word kept coming to mind, FIERCE!”

The negotiating team was accompanied by UWOFA President, John Ciriello, the UWOFA office team, and David Heap, co-chair of the Strike Action Committee, all decked out in their GET LOUD T-shirts.

“It was an inspiring evening,” said John Ciriello. “I was so proud of our Librarians & Archivists and it was an honour to see them recognized by their peers in the labour community.”