UWOFA-LA prepares for bargaining - Vol. 5, No. 1

Preparations to negotiate a new Librarians and Archivists Collective Agreement are well underway. The current contract expires June 30, 2019. This first Bargaining Bulletin provides you with an update about the work that your negotiating team is undertaking.

Ratification of goals

Members of the librarians and archivists bargaining unit ratified their bargaining goals through an online vote conducted last week. The majority of the goals can be categorized under two overarching themes:

Professional autonomy and governance

  • Workload
  • Amalgamating the two UWOFA bargaining units
  • Strengthening collegial governance for librarians and archivists

Compensation and Benefits

  • Fair compensation including increase in flex credits
  • Improved carry-forward provisions for Professional Expense Reimbursement
  • Improved promotion incentives
  • Pension plan contributions allowed until the age of 71 (currently 69), in line with the Income Tax Act

Reassignment provisions such as clarifying roles, retraining and support are also bargaining goals. The complete list of goals is available in the private members area of the UWOFA website.

Bargaining notice sent

UWOFA has given the employer its notice to bargain, and the employer has confirmed receipt. Negotiations are anticipated to begin later this spring.

Career Trajectory Fund update

The Librarians and Archivists Collective Agreement provides for a Career Trajectory Fund for 2018-2019. The Career Trajectory Fund Committee held its first meeting on March 26 and plans to complete its work as quickly as possible in order to minimize overlap with contract negotiations.

Career Trajectory Fund Committee Members

Ann Bigelow (Chair)
Karen Campbell
John Costella
Kristin Hoffmann
Catherine Steeves