UWOFA-LA collective bargaining Update. Vol. 5, No. 6

Unsatisfactory proposals lead UWOFA-LA Negotiating Team to request the help of a conciliation officer from the Ministry of Labour.


On July 31, your negotiating team will ask the UWOFA Board of Directors to request the appointment of a conciliation officer from the Ontario Ministry of Labour. If appointed, the conciliation officer will join both sides at the bargaining table to help them reach an equitable agreement.

While some progress has been made since bargaining began in June, including agreement on smaller articles, the Employer has consistently failed to address Members’ significant concerns about complement, workload, workspace, and compensation and benefits. They have also failed to take seriously UWOFA’s proposal for a robust Librarians and Archivists Council. On July 18, the Employer tabled their compensation and benefits proposal for the first time. It amounts to an even worse offer than what the severely restrictive wage cap language of Bill 124 would allow if that bill were to pass. The rest of the Employer’s proposals to date do not give the negotiating team confidence that senior administration has a positive vision for the future of the Western library system. For a review of the three main bargaining goals determined by the members of UWOFA-LA, please consult the last Bargaining Bulletin.

Your team continues to make every effort to reach a negotiated settlement. While negotiations with the Employer are now paused for a one-month summer break and will resume on August 19, several meetings are scheduled for later in August. Please stay tuned for updates via additional Bargaining Bulletins in the weeks to come.

What is Conciliation?

Calling for conciliation is a routine step in the collective bargaining process. The Ontario Ministry of Labour appoints a facilitator who may act as a mediator between the two parties in order to try to reach a settlement. Your negotiating team believes that the request for conciliation will help focus discussions and support efforts to bring about an equitable and timely settlement.

To learn more about the process of conciliation, visit the Ontario Ministry of Labour website.