UWOFA awards 38 student scholarships

For Justin Del Negro, winning a UWOFA scholarship affirms all the hard work he put into his studies last year.

“I really put an emphasis on doing well in school first before worrying about everything else, so I’m pretty glad I got recognized for doing that,” said Del Negro, an International Relations student.

Del Negro is one of 38 undergraduate students who received a UWOFA Scholarship in December. Awarded annually since 1971, the scholarships are supported through UWOFA members’ union dues and recognize students’ academic achievements from the previous year.

“The Faculty Association aims to promote and protect the wellbeing of Western’s academic staff, and to benefit the intellectual community at Western in general. Recognizing and celebrating excellent scholarship among our students makes that aim concrete,” said Beth MacDougall-Shackleton, president of UWOFA. “On behalf of the Faculty Association, I offer our warmest congratulations to all recipients of these scholarships on the excellence they’ve demonstrated in their university studies. We hope our scholarships will benefit them in some small way to realize their goals.”

Oviya Ananthakrishnan’s goal is to work in the field of global health. The second-year medical sciences student volunteers at a local hospice and is a member of Students for Partners in Health Canada, which works with different communities around the world to help bolster health systems and advocate for global health. Ananthakrishnan has been involved in fundraising for a maternal care centre of excellence in Sierra Leone.

“The world is definitely a very interconnected place and it’s fascinating to think about how our history has contributed to different situations around the world. I do think that we personally do have a certain degree of responsibility to ensuring equitable access to something as basic as health care,” said Ananthakrishnan, adding that it is a great honour to be awarded a UWOFA Scholarship.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, UWOFA cancelled its annual scholarship reception in early December. Please visit the Association’s student scholarship page to view a short celebratory video and to see a full list of this year’s scholarship recipients.