UWOFA attends Campus Assembly in Toronto


UWOFA attends Campus Assembly in Toronto

(London, Ont.) - UWOFA representatives joined others across the province this weekend in Toronto to raise awareness about insecure contract work. 

The $15 & Fairness Campus Assembly took place Friday, Sept. 15 and Saturday, Sept. 16 at the University of Toronto. The Assembly brought together faculty members, students, and employees across various sectors.

"In 11 years of working as a professor, it has become obvious to me that contract faculty issues are systemic across Ontario and reflective of increases in precarious work in many other economic sectors," said Ben Rubin, a contract faculty member who teaches Biology at Western. "The $15 and Fairness campaign is a grassroots effort to address these issues in a comprehensive way."

The Assembly focused in part on Bill 148, proposed provincial legislation that includes a minimum wage increase to $15 an hour by 2019 and other provisions that prioritize fairness for employees.

UWOFA has been a vocal advocate for contract faculty at Western University. According to the university's most recent data, about 40 per cent of undergraduate courses are taught by contract faculty. Some of these professors are paid only per course taught and have to teach at multiple universities to earn a living wage. Many contract faculty members do not have benefits or job security.

Contract faculty members often share that they feel shut out of the regular workforce and undervalued in the university community. Indeed, this is a common concern among contract workers in other sectors of the Ontario workforce.

The rise of insecure contract work should worry us all. UWOFA is proud to join others in solidarity this weekend at the Campus Assembly.


Ben Rubin, Biology professor, Campus Assembly participant
brubin2 [at] uwo [dot] ca

Vanessa Brown, UWOFA communications officer
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