UWOFA advocacy update - February

UWOFA has been involved with...

Supporting student opposition to OSAP changes

The provincial government recently announced changes to OSAP in concert with their announcement of a 10% rollback on tuition. The planned changes will see a greater proportion of OSAP delivered as loans and criteria to access the grants portion of OSAP support will be further restricted. There is mounting opposition by student groups to these planned changes.

UWOFA stands in solidarity with our students and advocates for affordable, high quality post-secondary education. UWOFA members attended two local rallies in January in support of students.

Comments on the new President's employment contract

UWOFA sent a letter to the Board of Governors expressing its concerns about the administrative leave provision of Dr. Shepard's contract.

Developing new resources for members

During negotiations last fall, UWOFA received questions from faculty members asking if they are a UWOFA member. Determining if you are a UWOFA Member, written by UWOFA's member services officer Lina Rodriguez, is now available here.

Academics Without Borders

UWOFA is partnering with Western's Academics Without Borders committee to raise awareness about future opportunities to volunteer with the organization. The initiative provides funded opportunities for faculty members (particularly those on sabbatical leave or recently retired) to volunteer at universities in low resourced areas of the global south in teaching, curriculum development, and program development. Academics Without Borders pays for all travel and subsistence costs for volunteers, necessary vaccinations, visas, etc. Stay tuned for announcements about future opportunities.

UWOFA is working on...

Preparations for librarians and archivists collective bargaining

UWOFA is preparing to negotiate a new Librarians and Archivists Collective Agreement. The current agreement expires on June 30, 2019. While it is not known when negotiations will start, in previous rounds of bargaining they have begun in the spring. The Negotiating Committee and Collective Bargaining Committee have been meeting monthly since September and are working to finalize bargaining goals over the next few months.


  • UWOFA is accepting nominations for the Allan Heinicke Memorial Service Award. All members and former members of UWOFA are eligible to receive this award including full-time and part-time faculty, librarians and archivists. All members of UWOFA can nominate members and former members for this award. The award was established by UWOFA and through memorial gifts received from family, friends and colleagues of Professor Allan Heinicke as a lasting tribute to his accomplishments and dedication to the university and UWOFA.

The deadline for nominations is February 28, 2019. The required nomination form is on the UWOFA website. Please contact UWOFA at uwofa [at] uwo [dot] ca for more information.

  • Members are reminded that under the Collective Agreement they have until April 30, 2019 to request a meeting with their Dean to discuss their APE.
  • Probationary and limited-term members who want to be considered early for promotion and tenure must make a request in writing by March 31. For more details, see the Promotion and Tenure Article in the Faculty Collective Agreement (Clauses 15.4, 15.4.2). Contact Lina Rodriguez, UWOFA's Member Services Officer, at uwofamso [at] uwo [dot] ca or extension 86218 with any questions.