UWO Faculty Association welcomes new restrictions on administrative pay


UWO Faculty Association welcomes new restrictions on administrative pay

(London, Ont.) - The University of Western Ontario Faculty Association (UWOFA) welcomes new provincial rules that prohibit broader public sector executives being paid double for working through an administrative leave.

On Tuesday, Sept. 6 the Ontario government announced new regulations affecting the Broader Public Sector Executive Compensation Act. UWOFA is particularly encouraged that pay in lieu of an administrative leave will no longer be permitted, and that institutions such as Western University will be required to make public the rationale behind administrators' salaries.

Last fall, an independent review of presidential compensation practices at Western revealed that the former Board of Governors chair unilaterally approved changes to president Amit Chakma's employment contract that allowed Chakma to be paid twice his regular salary in 2014. Members of the university community were shocked to learn that the former board chair did not consult the rest of the Board.

"Governance change at Western is vital in order to repair the damage and restore trust after last year's pay scandal, which ultimately revealed that we had no idea how the president was being compensated and how decisions about executive pay were being made," said UWOFA president Ann Bigelow.




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