Update on the Annual Report and Review (ARR) process for librarians and archivists

This update includes some changes to the timeline and process for completing ARRs for the 2020-2021 reporting cycle.

On July 15 Administration and the Association released a statement about changes to the Annual Performance Evaluation (APE) process for faculty to address the impact of COVID-19. Administration has subsequently worked with the Association to identify a similar approach for the Annual Report and Review (ARR) process for Librarians and Archivists. As a next step, UWOFA and the employer are recommending the creation of a small working group to review the APE report and translate the recommendations for the Librarian and Archivist context. The working group would include three UWOFA-LA Members – a representative from Joint Committee, the Chief Steward, and one Librarian/Archivist Head – and two members of the Western Libraries Senior Leadership Team representing the Administration. Changes to the process recommended by the working group would be shared through two information sessions: one for Librarian and Archivist Members to inform the completion of their ARR and one for supervisors of Librarian and Archivist Members and Western Libraries Senior Leadership Team to inform their evaluation of ARRs.

The timelines associated with this work are as follows:

  • Administration and Association to establish Working Group to review APE report and recommendations.
  • Working group to provide recommendations no later than August 31.
  • Information sessions on modifications to process held no later than October 15.
  • Annual Report and Review to be completed no later than November 15. “Completed” means the report has been submitted and reviewed by the Member and supervisor, and forwarded to the Vice Provost and Chief Librarian.

The Association has nominated Brian McMillan (Member, Joint Committee), Shawn Hendrikx (Chief Steward), and Kim McPhee (Member/Head) to represent UWOFA-LA on the ARR Working Group.

The Administration has nominated Bobby Glushko and Jennifer Robinson to represent the Employer on the ARR Working Group.

The working group will begin their work August 16, and, as above, provide recommendations for revising the upcoming ARR process to Joint Committee no later than August 31. After this time, information sessions about the changes will be developed and delivered no later than October 15.