Tom Murphy Memorial Award presented to Tess Hooks

Tess Hooks has received UWOFA’s Tom Murphy Memorial Award for her exemplary hard work and commitment to the union’s aims.

The Tom Murphy Memorial Award for Outstanding Service to UWOFA was established in honour of the late Tom Murphy. He was a long-standing contract faculty member in the Department of Sociology who was involved in UWOFA in various roles since certification in 1998. He served on UWOFA’s Board of Directors for four terms, as a member of the executive committee, and as a member of the Policy and Governance Committee. Perhaps most importantly, Murphy was a long-standing member and co-chair of the Committee for Contract Faculty. This year UWOFA is pleased to present the award to Hooks, who was married to Tom and would otherwise be a deserving candidate.

"I'd like to thank the Association for granting the award to me. My work for the Association, and on behalf of members of the Association, has been among the most rewarding and valuable work that I've done in my university career," said Hooks, a faculty member in the Department of Sociology.

Hooks has been involved with UWOFA since 1998. She served on UWOFA’s Executive Committee from 1998 to 2001. She served on the Negotiating Committee for the 2002-06 faculty collective agreement and as the Chief Negotiator for the Distance Studies Letter of Understanding for the 2006-10 collective agreement.

She was UWOFA’s long time Grievance Officer (2008-2016) and served afterwards on the Grievance Committee. She served as a member of UWOFA’s Status of Women Committee, Salary Committee and the Pension and Benefits Committee.

In addition to her national service with the CAUT Defence Fund, Hooks at various times has been a member of the CAUT Collective Bargaining and Economic Benefits Committee and the Contract Academic Staff Committee. In 2017 she received the CAUT Bernice Schrank Award for outstanding contributions to the enforcement of academic staff workplace rights through grievance/arbitration.

During the period 2009-14, she served as chair and co-chair of the OCUFA grievance committee. More recently she served as co-chair of UWOFA’s Strike Action Committee. Hooks’s commitment to insuring the fair treatment of UWOFA members runs deep. Countless UWOFA members benefitted from her tireless work and service on the Grievance Committee and her continued advocacy for contract faculty. She exemplifies the values of UWOFA and is a most worthy recipient of this prestigious honour.