Support from the University of Lethbridge

Paula Cardozo

Over half of our librarians are alumni of Western’s MLIS program. Additionally, our library has hosted numerous FIMS co-op placements over the last decade. We currently have 3 former interns in tenure-track positions here. This speaks not only to the mutually-beneficial relationship between the U of L Library and Western, but also to the quality of the MLIS program in our competitive field.

For those of us who attended Western, we benefited greatly from the services and resources of Western Libraries.  We know these things don’t happen by accident and represent a lot of hard work from a lot of highly-qualified people.

Nevertheless, our pride as MLIS graduates is tempered by the damage to Western’s reputation due to the way its own Librarians and Archivists are treated.

We, the undersigned Librarians at the University of Lethbridge (U of L), support our colleagues at Western University in their ongoing struggle over compensation, workload, governance and professional autonomy. 

Paula Cardozo, FIMS alumna 2010

Romany Craig, FIMS alumna 2014

Nicole Eva, FIMS alumna 2008

Rumi Graham

Mary Greenshields

Mike Perry

David Scott, FIMS alumnus 2015

Emma Scott, FIMS alumna 2017