Support colleagues at Laurentian University

The Laurentian University Faculty Association (LUFA) is pressing the provincial government to stop insolvency proceedings currently engulfing the university.

As part of its letter-writing campaign LUFA urges the province to provide more funding to secure the future sustainability of Laurentian.

According to LUFA, “the root source of Laurentian University’s financial problems is a lack of transparent and accountable institutional governance that has resulted in arbitrary, unilateral decisions being made behind closed doors. The Laurentian University Faculty Association has repeatedly raised concerns about the secretive and non-consultative approach the university administration has taken to making important financial decisions. These decisions, combined with the steady erosion of public funding, have now put the future of Laurentian University, its programs, students’ educations, and jobs at risk.”

Consider supporting Laurentian’s academic community by joining LUFA’s campaign. Visit to send a letter to Ross Romano, the provincial minister of Colleges and Universities. You can also send a letter to the federal government asking it to assist through its support for Official Languages and Indigenous education, research and core operating funds. The federal government can show leadership by working with the provinces to develop and fund a plan for post-secondary education as it has for childcare, housing and health care.