OCUFA planning Queen's Park Advocacy Day for November

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OCUFA plans Queen's Park Advocacy Day for November

In an effort to build stronger relationships with new and re-elected MPPs, OCUFA will be holding its annual Advocacy Day in the fall rather than the spring this year. On November 13, professors and academic librarians from across Ontario will converge on Queen's Park to share their priorities for the province's universities.

Over the next few months, the government, and Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities in particular, are expected to formalize their plans for the universities and colleges sector. Aside from passing legislation to end the York University strike and an election campaign declaration that university funding should be tied to freedom of speech, the Progressive Conservative government has not revealed any additional details of its agenda for postsecondary education.

Ontario faculty will use Advocacy Day as an opportunity to make the case for renewed investment in public university funding, addressing precarity in the university system, and new full-time faculty hiring, in order to improve the quality of education for university students. More details about the event will be made available in the coming months.

After four years, Canadian Military Colleges Faculty Association reaches collective agreement

The Canadian Military Colleges Faculty Association (CMCFA) has reached an agreement with the Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada. The faculty association has been without an agreement since 2014. During the intervening years, their employer continuously stalled and threatened not to honour previously agreed to memoranda of understanding. This resulted in an Unfair Labour Practice complaint from the faculty association.

After assurances that the employer would honour the memoranda of understanding for the life of the agreement, the parties were able to come to an agreement. The agreement contains across-the-board salary increases competitive with other faculty associations and an understanding that the faculty association will participate in the Employee Wellness Support Program to negotiate new employee wellness provisions into the collective agreement.

New collective agreement for University of Toronto Faculty Association

The University of Toronto Faculty Association (UTFA) and the administration at the University of Toronto have reached a two-year agreement. The agreement includes competitive wage increases and extensive benefit improvements in areas such as vision, dental, hearing aids, paramedical, and mental health benefits. In addition, UTFA's agreement includes improvements in maternity, parental, and adoption leave EI top ups, as well as paid gender affirmation leave for members engaged in treatments and procedures related to gender affirmation. Finally, UTFA achieved increases in Days for Librarians to be used per existing practice.